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The leagues in IBM are organized by divisions. The highest division is the first division, followed by the 2nd division, the third and so on. Each league has four partner groups in the lower divisions and in the first division there is only one group and in the second division four groups:

* 1st div: 1 group
* 2nd div: 4 groups
* 3rd div: 16 groups
* 4th div: 64 groups
* 5th div: 256 groups
* 6th div: 1024 groups

Each group consists of 20 teams, which play a league of 38 matches. At the end of the league, 2 teams of each group end in the top of the board promote. In each league also 8 teams end in the lower group part go down immediately.

The teams’ performances are rated to define the standing of the league. The rating is calculated as follows:

- Each won match adds a victory to the winning team's win column
- Each lost game adds a defeat to the losing team's loss column

The ranking is done with the following parameters:

- By the number of victories gained by each team,
- If two teams have the same number of wins the difference between points for and points against decides the ranking
- If you still have a draw then, the team who scored more points is ranked higher
- If they still match, the system performs an automatic draw.