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The Pack Manager gives you access to a range of enlarged options that are available to Premium managers only. These options will make you easier the management of your team. The following list describes the enlarged options available:

=== Automatic Line-up ===
Every day the line-up is set automatically. You can change it during the hours before the game. Automatic line-up is set just after training at night. You have the whole day to change it. This option is disabled after 7 days. In theory the line-up set by the system -via the automatic line-up- that is the most optimal line-up, which maximizes the average of your players. If you want another line-up, you can set it by yourself, file it and active it every day.

===Change player’s nickname===
You can change the nickname to your players, so you can recognize them more easily and the other teams will know better who your veterans are.

===Change the kit/shield===
This tool lets you customize the team colors of your kit and shield by which you will know in IBM.

===Extra space in your squad===
Extend your squad and get 3 extra additional spaces, keeping track of your players.

=== Automatic Junior Training===
Program a daily training to your juniors. 7-days duration.

=== Automatic Senior Training===
Schedule trainings to your senior team every day. 7-days duration.

===Automate physiotherapist===
Your Physiotherapist will work automatically when your players’ fitness is low. 7-days duration.

===Automate Doctor===
Your doctor will work automatically to recover your players' injuries.

===Automate Psychologist===
Your psychologist will work automatically your players' morale is low.

===Infiltrate a player===
You can infiltrate a player in order to reduce his injury recovery time. Remember this tool may increase the risk of injury. 7-days duration.

Give a bonus to your team and encourage your team to victory. This option improves the performance of your team during the game.

===Coach Secretary===
Add new search parameters to your search options. 7-days duration.

=== Rename team ===
Change the name of your team.

=== Rename stadium===
You can change the name of your Arena.

=== Training forecast===
This tool lets you know how much a player will train for the next seven days.

The Pack Manager is acquired through payment or via Golden Balls.
You can purchase the following Pack Managers:
1 month = 5 €
3 months = 12 €
6 months = 20 €
Payment systems currently available are PAYPAL, PaySafeCard and Ultimate Pay.