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Every team can hire a number of employees to access to certain options of the game and get important services for the team. The quality of employees is expressed with balls and percentage (from 0% to 99%) and their weekly salary rises with quality. You can learn the percentage quality of each staff member by holding your cursor over the balls for a moment. Each staff member is paid weekly. If you fire a staff member, you must pay him twice his weekly salary as severance.

1) General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for finding new players for your senior team. For further information see the section on the General Manager and Scout.

2) Scout

The scout is similar to the General Manager, but for juniors. A talented scout will help find really talented juniors. More information can be found in the General Manager/Scout section.

3) Physiotherapist

You can use the physiotherapist to recover your players’ form. A higher quality physiotherapist will restore more form points, but also has a higher salary and operating cost. This recovery takes 24 hours to complete. The physiotherapist will not work if you are "in the red" (balance below zero).

4) Psychologist

The psychologist improves the players’ morale after a loss or a missed game. A better psychologist will restore more morale points, but will also have a higher salary and operating cost. The recovery can only be done once a day and has an added economic cost. The psychologist will not work if you are "in the red" (balance below zero).

5) Coaches

There are two coaches in the team: the juniors coach and seniors coach. They have the responsibility of training the players. A good coach will allow your talented players to grow better. Training is essential for players. Further information in the "Training" section.

6) Doctor

The doctor's mission is to shorten the recovery time of injuries. He can reduce the recovery time by several weeks. A high level doctor will give you better results if you have a player injured. The recovery action take 72 hours (3 days) to complete and has an added cost. Like the physiotherapist and psychologist, the doctor will not work if you are "in the red" (balance below zero).

7) Financier

The financier is responsible for get the best television contracts, sponsor deals, and advertising. He also negotiates with banks to increase your team credit limit for loans.